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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Hari Raya

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Allahu Akbar ..... Allahu Akbar ..... Allahu Akbar
Laa ilaa Allahu Akbar ha illallahu
Allahu Akbar Ilham Walilla

With Takbir and tahmid, releasing the month of Ramadan Muslims and the Takbir and tahmid also welcomed the first of Shawwal 1430 H Hopefully the release month of Ramadan and Shawwal welcome fulfilled both the meaning and significance of events that occur in an atmosphere of fun.
During the month of Ramadan, soul, spirit, and the hearts of Muslims have actually been honed by good deeds, so that their hearts are more wide open container piety and wide in order to further develop and improve the quality of piety that have been acquired during worship in Ramadan "They are the ones who have their hearts tested by Allah to ward off" (Surat Al-Hujurat paragraph 3). The purpose of fasting is to make people who do it to people who are devoted to Allah SWT. As the Word of Allah in surah Al-Baqarah verse 183: "O ye who believe, has been required for all of you to fast as required for those before you, that ye may fear Him."

Eid is a day of great victory of the people back to nature (holiness) into which the soul is clean because it was washed with worship, nature and forgive each other as well as sustenance that we have been washed well with the charity.
Back to chastity means to celebrate this Eid we declare our holiness as the fruit of many sins of worship throughout the month of Ramadan. On this Eid, people who obey the destiny Allah SWT believes the arrival of nature itself is often re-imagined with such phrase was then reborn. And, if we are willing to accept that there is in the nature of this great day as well as translating the thoughts and simple language, Eid al-Fitr is a momentum for people to step towards a better life.

Back to nature is a return to 'identity as a Muslim servant of Allah, a servant of Allah who prosper life, the servant of God who is not selfish and arrogant. So, if a Muslim during the month of fasting, prayer tarawih, read the Koran, praying in the mosque. However, after the fasting month we do not pray, the mosque hostile, hostile to Al-Quran. Yes .... he would stray from his nature, his fast does not mean for him. Conversely, if during Ramadan we are personally devout, pious social prosperity of the mosque, bersilaturahim with a lot of people, then he is in accordance with nature. If he tried Eid, then he will get back to nature by reinforcing these commitments so that after the month of Ramadan would be more in love with the mosque, in love with Al-Quran, will remain bersilaturahim. This is what will make Islam the source of salvation for life.

On Eid day, our souls will feel calm and peaceful because of our sins to God has forgiven, thanks to the fast of Ramadan we have been doing mindless faith encouragement and hope for reward from Allah SWT. As the words of the Prophet Muhammad: "Whoever fasted Ramadlan by faith and hope for reward, surely what he had forgiven him from his sins".

After the Eid prayer we will apologize to the family, the relatives and families, friends, neighbors and acquaintances of the crime, errors and actions dzalim we ever do to them, so that our soul is really free from sin to God and error to men. And so we will be able to feel true happiness. In surat Al-Imran verse 112 Allah Almighty has said: "They will be overwritten humiliation anywhere they are, unless they were on good terms with the connecting rope of Allah and a rope relationships with fellow human beings".

By connecting the rope a good relationship with fellow human beings are characterized by their personal courage to admit his mistake and apologize to the brave people of younger age and lower rank and degree, life seems harmonious and peaceful society. The unity of the people who genuinely can we see clearly. Being unity and integrity of sincerity and purity of a nation that is one of the keys to success in achieving physical and spiritual development.
Some of the habits of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions in the Eid that Muslims should be an example, namely:

Beautiful to look at the Prophet's Eid wearing the best clothes (not that new dress, you know) and smarten his appearance. Ibn al-Qayyim said in "Zadul Ma'ad": "The Prophet wearing the best clothes to come out (praying) on the day of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. He has jewelery that is usually used in the two-day festival, and on Friday. One time he wore two burdah (striped cloth diselimutkan the body) which is red, but not pure red, as that seems, some people, because if it is no longer the name burdah. But what is the cloth that he wore no red lines like fabric striped from Yemen. " While one of the companions of the Prophet, Ibn Umar used to also wear the best clothes in these two glorious days.
Bertakbir or what we call takbiran is the law of the Prophet. It has been reported that, "He came out on the day of Eid, then he bertakbir to arrive in the field and to ditunaikannya prayer. When he had prayed, he stopped his Takbir". Also on the morning of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, Ibn Umar harden Takbir until he arrived at the field, and then he remained until coming bertakbir priest.

Bath before praying 'Id
From Nafi 'he said: "Abdullah ibn Umar used to bathe on the day of Eid al-Fitr before going to the field." Musayyib was Ibn Said Imam said: "The Sunnah of Eid, there are three, short walk to the square, eating before going out into the field and a shower."

Eat before leaving for prayer
Eat before leaving for prayer does not mean there'll not provide catering, but because emang kok Sunnah by the Prophet Muhammad. Of Anas he said: "The Prophet did not go into the field on the day of Eid al-Fitr until he ate some dates."

Congratulations on the holiday
After the prayer we usually shake hands and congratulate each other for another friend. It feels really happy and relieved when we greet them, but it also takes away the sin ukhuwah tightened or the wrongs we have done on our friend.

Do you know what a good speech and is recommended as a greeting? Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah was asked about the feast of congratulations then he said: "Congratulations on the holiday, in which some people say to others when met after prayer Id: Taqobbalallahu minna wa minkum (May Allah accept from us and from you). " It also made ​​the companions of the Prophet Muhammad when met at the feast.

Allah Almighty created everything there must be an excess or lessons that can be taken by his servant, as well as the Eid al-Fitr. There are so many lessons that we can get better because we realize the benefits immediately visible to us or that we do not realize because we are probably too weak to see the wisdom of the various events.

The first lesson is the nature of self-awareness as a servant of God. "And I created not the jinn and mankind except to worship Me." (Surah Adh-Dzaariyat paragraph 56). That's actually the real meaning of our task in this world. By understanding this, we are not expected to escape the scrutiny of Allah SWT. Pave the way for our mind to always feel bound by Allah SWT is the fear of Him. Eid is also a means of self-restraint that can bring us to the essence of servitude. Eid al-Fitr as 'alarm' in order to remind our identity. Eid In addition to our understanding of consciousness returns to the various trials that were heavy at the last Ramadan.

bbppl-hikmah lebaran 2.png The second lesson is to make the Eid al-Fitr means to strengthen the relationship with God Almighty and humans. During the year we may have made ​​so many mistakes are intentional or unintentional. Well, one lesson is to bring the moment Eid forgive the wrongs we have done, especially to our parents so far have raised us, and to our immediate family who might often we ignore and also to my friends who hang out with we are both in the home, school or in a place very far away.
Finally, as a servant, wisdom Eid brings us to another is closer to Allah SWT. Do you remember when a slave to sin there are four on the evidence of our love of Allah SWT. First, we continue to flow despite the sustenance of our sins accumulated. Second, the delicious sense that it bestowed. Third, Allah does not immediately punish his servant on the spot and the fourth, Allah SWT not reveal shame or sin.

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