f++f+ Muslimah Mujahidah Solehah: Mahal Nilai Cinta
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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Mahal Nilai Cinta

Rindu tak harus bertemu,
Sayang tak harus bilang,
Cinta tak harus selalu bersama.
Sebelum halal, jarak dekat adalah ujian keimanan,...
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Miss not having to meet, Unfortunately cannot be said, love does not have to always be together.

Before the halal, proximity is a test of faith, while the remote is a test of patience.

True love does not have to be removed, unfortunately not to be discarded.

But be careful because if arises a sense of love, sometimes not in line and logic in order to satisfy any taste is not a sin, as it is in sadarinya.

Therefore suffice knit prayer with affection between us and him.

GOD deciding everything, may unite in the dock are happy.

Really ...
Love After Marriage it is more beautiful & barokah.

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